Camp Sites Along the Chilkoot Trail
Note: Things are always changing along the trail.  This was the status of the camp sites July 12 - 16, 2006.  The Park Services on both sides of the border do a great job with the camps.  Do your best to help them.  
Dyea - Campground
This isn’t really a camp on the trail but at the trailhead.  We stayed there. The cost was $6.00 a night.  There were fancy outhouses and bear boxes for the food.  The camping is on the ground at typical camp site having a picnic table and a fire pit.  Note that there is no water at the camp ground.  Water can be filtered from a nearby stream, directions are posted on the registration board. Trailhead parking is at the campground about 1/4 mile from the trail head. We had a second set of camping gear, tent, sleeping bags and pads for off the trail.
Finnegan’s Point - 4.81 miles/ 7.74 km from trailhead
This is the first camp along the trail.  We stopped for lunch here.  The cooking shelter is a canvas covered wood building with a wood stove.  There is a metal covered bench along the back and a bench along one side. The camp has tent platforms, bear poles, and an outhouse.  
Canyon City - 7.51 miles/ 12.09 km from trailhead
We spent our first night here.  The cooking shelter is a cabin with a wood stove, a workbench/counter with a metal top. There were a few odd chairs and ones made from logs inside and on the porch.  There were 4 bunks inside but you aren’t to stay in the shelter.  There is a box for food storage as well as a bear pole.   The camping is on the ground here back behind the cabin and also along the trail next to the river. The outhouse here was in need of help.  Also users had not yet learned to close the lid.  
Pleasant Camp - 10.38 miles/ 16.70 km from trailhead
This camp looks out over the river.  We really didn’t stop here, just long enough to say hi to the boy scouts who had just finished cooking lunch in the shelter.  The cooking shelter is a canvas covered wood building, not sure about a wood stove.  We saw the bear pole and the outhouse.
Sheep Camp - 11.75 miles/ 18.92 km from trailhead
A very popular camp.  This is the camp closest to the pass.  There are lots of tent platforms but not enough for the number of people using this camp, so there are also a number of tent sites on the ground. Two cooking shelters like many others, canvas building with a wood stove.  There is a metal covered bench along the back and a bench along one side. There are four outhouses here with a composting where you throw in a handful of wood chips after each use.  There are both multiple bear boxes and bear poles. The ranger give a trail update at 7 PM after which most go to bed knowing that 4 AM will come early.  It was suggested (strongly) that we leave camp by 5:30 AM.  About 1/2 mile up the trail is Sheep camp overflow camp, the log cabin.  You need to check with the ranger before using this camp.
Summit Hut - 16.5 miles/ 26.6 km from trailhead
This is not a camp.  We stopped for break.  The cooking shelter is a wooden building, no stove but the camp stoves warmed it. There were three thermoses of hot water.  You use the water and then heat water to replace it from a pool behind the hut.   The table is covered with metal, a bench along one side and a few odd chairs. There is an outhouse, remember no toilet paper on the Canadian side of the trail.  There is also a wastewater pit.
Happy Camp - 20.5 miles/ 33.0 km from trailhead
Another very popular camp. There are lots of tent platforms.  There is a large cooking shelter but no stove there are two large tables each with two benches and another bench along part of one side.  There is also a food storage closet/building with lots of shelves. There are two outhouses. There is a wastewater pit for liquid with a strainer to help you pick up the chunks.
Deep Lake - 23.0 miles/ 37.0 km from trailhead
A simple camp in a lovely location.  We stopped for lunch here.  There is no cooking shelter but there is a cooking area with large tables and benches and extra benches all around.  The camp has bear poles, and an outhouse.  I didn’t see any platforms.  The setting is along the lake and stream is very relaxing.  I would suggest going on to this camp instead of staying at Happy Camp if you are a stronger hiker.  
Linderman City - 26.0 miles/ 41.8 km from trailhead
There are actually two camp grounds here.  They are about 5 minutes apart. The  warden is at the lower camp.  There is tent with a Chilkoot exhibit and where you pick up your certificate.  The upper camp, to the left as you come in has a shelter with a stove.  The lower camp has a cabin to cook in without a stove and the windows are wide open.  We found a piece of plywood that covered one window and put it in place because the wind was blowing right in that window.  The lower camp ground has no tent platforms.  We didn’t go to the upper camp but other around us did.  There was a bear pole we used at this site.  Again an outhouse.  
Bare Loon Lake - 29.0 miles/ 46.7 km from trailhead
This is the last camp along the trail. There are lots of tent platforms overlooking the lake.  Another well sited camp.  The cooking shelter is more of an open pavilion. As at all camps an outhouse.  This camp is only a few hours from Bennett which makes it a good choice for those catching the train.  Also it is just before the cutoff trail for those hiking out to the road to catch the bus at Log Cabin.
Bennett - 33.0 miles/ 53.1 km from trailhead
The end of the trail.   We didn’t visit the campground area. There is an outhouse.  Sorry no pictures.