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Trip Description:  
On June 25 & 26, 2006  we hiked the Upper Troublesome Creek Trail.  This trail is located in Denali State Park, Alaska.  It connect with the Kesugi Ridge trail. This is the south end of a trail the runs from Little Coal Creek south to the Troublesome Creek Trail head.  This trail has great views once you are up on the ridge. You can also access the trail from Byers Lake and Ermine Hill.  The Upper Troublesome Creek section of the trail seems the least traveled.
The weather was hot and sunny on Sunday June 25, about 75 degrees F.  The trail has lots of short steep up and downs to cross creeks as we slowly climbed.  We were able to cross all but one stream on rocks and logs. We ended up wading one stream. Sunday night the weather came in and it rained all night and most of Monday.  Winds were gusting to about 30 MPH.  Visibility was reduced to 200 to 300 feet at times.  The trail down to Byers Lake was very slippery at times and steep.
The trail is well worn the first five miles, after that it is far more over grown. The further along the trail we went the more overgrown it became.  Up out of the woods on the tundra the trail visible most of the time.  The rock cairns were sometimes not more that a few rocks.  Near the top approaching Tarn point the trail skirts the north edge of a small lake.  The trail is narrow and the lake drops off on one side and the hillside is right on you elbow in places.  The trail here is marked with yellow dots painted on the rocks. We encountered a snow field that was almost vertical that blocked our way.  We climbed the steep slope and headed northeast once up on the ridge to pick the trail up again. At that point we could see the cairn at Tarn Point.  From Tarn Point to the Byers Lake trail, the trail is very well traveled and easy to follow.  In the rain the trail was slow going thanks to the slimy mud.  There were sections where there were no roots or rocks for footing.   Hiking poles were really nice and made knees much happier here.
The rain stopped as we got down near the lake.  The foot bridge at the north end of Byers Lake is being rebuilt right now.  It was great to get back, but also a big let down to be finished.  In a few weeks we will be on the Chilkoot Trail.
The Map at the Trailhead
We are ready to get going
On the trail
Lots of big trees
The trail along Troublesome Creek
This is where we are headed
I think we are here.
Up on the ridge
Camp, in the rain!
Off into the clouds headed to the summit
Merlan at Tarn Point
Temp. 42 degrees F
Dianne at Tarn Point
Wind 25 MPH - rain
Over looking Byers Lake
Slipping down the steep muddy trail
We made it - Byers Lake