Dinner Day 1
Chicken and Angel Hair Pasta with Bacon
Dinner Day 2
CousCous and Clams
Dinner Day 3
Couscous and Shrimp
Dinner Day 4
Chicken and Stuffing
Lunch Day 1
Bagels and cream cheese
Lunch Day 2
Bagels and Squeeze Cheese
Lunch Day 3
Pilot Bread and Peanut butter and Jelly
Lunch Day 4
Pilot Bread and Squeeze Cheese
Lunch Day 5
Box lunch on the train.
Breakfast - That is Merlan’s responsibility
Merlan’s mix of Oatmeal with lots of raisins and nuts, protein powder. Salt and brown sugar.
Gear notes:
Cameras - I share a camera with my husband and he got it.  So I borrowed one from my son but it only had one battery and I wasn’t familiar with it.  So I took my big heavy 35 mm film camera too.
GPS - Not necessary, the trail is so clear, only if you want to play with it.
Trail Map - I liked having the National Geographic one.  It was far better than the one from the park service for $4.00.  Again the trail is so well marked you don’t need it but I like to look at what is coming and what is around me.
Clothes - All my T-Shirts were some variation on a high tech material.  Sock are Smartwool Trekking, no liner, very happy feet. We wore shorts the whole time, even over the pass.
Fuel - I would have rather had 2 - larger fuel cans but I had these so I used them.  It was more fuel than we needed but if it had been bad weather we could have used that much fuel.  I used 2 small cans and a little bit of a third.
We made our own meals rather than the prepackaged freeze dried.  We ate great for less.  I also had a spice bag, salt, pepper, garlic, basil, nutmeg, onion, sun dried tomato, bacon, parmesan cheese, crazy salt, oregano, and more. Each in a small snack size zip bag. Everything but the pasta just required adding boiling water and wait.  I used a 2 cup plastic measuring cup to eat out of.
Dianne’s Stuff
Dianne’s Gear:

(complete I think)
Chilkoot Trip - not much
   change for other trips.
Personal Gear
    Camp Trails Rainier
Pack Rain Cover
Sleeping Bag
    The North Face Cat’s        
   Meow 20 degree bag
Sleeping Pad
    Therm-a-rest Guidelite
Rain Gear
    Diad Jacket
    Venture side zip pant
Hiking Poles
    REI Carbon fiber
Leatherman Squirt S4
2 - 1 liter water bottles
    1 wrapped with duct tape
3 Small Caraibiners
    Brunton Weather Station
        ADC Pro
    Canon  SD550 Digital
    Minolta Binoculars
    eTrex GPS
    Pentax PZ-70 Camera &
       nine rolls of film -
       28 - 80 mm lens
Personal Items
    Tooth Brush
    Tooth Paste
    Dry disposable wash
       cloth with soap
    1 small bottle Deet
       (oops I left them in the car)
Clothes in pack
    long underwear bottoms
    sleeping shorts
    extra t-shirt
    4 pair of sock
    fleece vest
    heavy fleece pullover
    light fleece pullover
    Long sleeve T-shirt
    3 changes of underwear
    knit cap
    camp sneakers
Clothes Worn
    T-Shirt - Cool Max
    Zip off Pants
    Boots - Gore-Tex lined
    Baseball Cap
Shared Gear
Map Case
    Trail Map - National Geographic
    Note Paper & Pen
    Car Key
    REI Quarter Dome w/ footprint
Stove & Fuel
    Pocket Rocket
    4 -4 oz fuel cans
    wind screen
    camp soap
    GSI Hard anodized 1 L
   and .5 L pots w/ one lid
Stuff bag
    To hang on bear pole
2 Cups
2 Forks
2 Spoons
1 knife
50 feet parachute cord
4 zip ties
2 Mosquito Coils
1 small shovel
TP & hand sanitizer
Water Filter
    Bota Bottle
First Aid Kit
Some of the Food
    drinks stuff
    2 dinners