July 12 - 16, 2006 on the Chilkoot Trail - We had a great time.  The trail and all the people we meet along the way were great.  This is a wonderful vacation.   More to come about the trip
Dianne & Merlan at the trailhead
Hiker Registration near the beginning of the trail
About 1/4 mile of boardwalk over the swamp
Well groomed trail
Dis someone say “Nap”?
Cooking Dinner the first night
Camp site at Canyon City right on the river
The trail on the way out of Canyon City
More great trail
Cooking Shelter at Canyond City
Suspension Bridge
Dianne bouncing over the bridge
Merlan’s beat up feet at Sheep Camp
First travel over big rubble below the scales.
Merlan starting up the Golden Staircase
Merlan near the top of the Golden Staircase
Dianne on the Golden Staircase
Merlan and Dianne at the summit, crossing the Chilkoot Pass
Merlan leaving the warming hut at the summit
We came down through here
Coming down from the summit.
Crossing yet another stream
Trail to Happy Camp
Setting up camp at Happy camp
Merlan Sleeping
Cooking at Linderman City
The Trail out of Happy Camp
Over looking Linderman Lake about three miles from the end of the trail
Walking across the sand on the last mile of the trail
The end of the trail as it drops down to Bennett Lake
the White Pass Railroad at Bennett Lake.