Day 4 Happy Camp to Linderman City
We didn’t hurry this morning and we were just about the last to leave camp at 11:30 AM.  The rain had let up by the time we got going and we had a very enjoyable hike.  We were able to take time to look around.  The trail follows the river over a rocky trail for a bit.  
The it climbs up on to the ridge. and follows the ridge along until you descend in Deep Lake camp
This continues a great views from yesterday.  We looked all over the hillsides for bear and sheep but found none.  
Deep Lake Camp is really nice.  There is no cooking shelter but a cooking area, a bear pole and an outhouse.  It would be good to continue on to this camp and enjoy the location. We stopped and had lunch.
The character of the trail changes as you hike along Deep Lake.  Lots of flowers, more birds, and trees.
At the end of Deep Lake there is a canyon you walk along with the river raging below.  The weather was clearing as we  left Deep Lake and it only got better all day.  The trail then descend down to Linderman City.  the trail is wide, smooth and fast.  
There are two camping areas at Linderman City.  The Upper Camp has a shelter with a stove and the Lower Camp has a cabin with no glass in the windows and no stove.  
We camped at the lower one.  It is near the Warden station and the the exhibit.  We also picked up our certificates.  Now to  get them home.  The certificates are on the table in the exhibit tent, you just pick them up.  We talked to some people later who missed them.  
We still had 7 miles to go the next day to catch the train at Lake Bennett so going to be early and getting up at 4 AM was the plan.  We were told if it took you 1.5 - 2 hours from Deep Lake to Linderman City, then it was 4 to 5 hours to Bennett.
Chilkoot Trail Log
Saturday, July 15, 2006