Day 5 Linderman City to Bennett
It is, or it seems like it, lts of uphill to Bennett. The trail from Linderman City to Bennett Lake is four to five hours of hiking. We left at 6 am and arrived at 11 am.  The trail climbs up right out of camp.  There trail has a number of ups and downs and often you think you have reached the top but here is the high point.
We stopped at Bare Loon Lake for about 1/2 hour.  This is another well place camp site on the side of the hill overlooking the lake.  We should have planned to camp here, much prettier than Linderman City which was a bit dry and dusty.  Also only a few hours from the train. THe cooking shelter here is more of a covered area and not a closed cabin.,
We found the perfect rock and bench for for a big snack for a 1/2 hour and then a bunch of photo opportunities.  The trail continues climb and descend over lots of little ridges.  Linderman Lake is on the left and there are many great views.
The last bit is on the sand like the beach.  The sun was out here and it was like being on the beach.  
The trail makes a final descent into Bennett and it is over.
We took the train back to Skagway.  We also had pre-ordered the box lunch.  It was nice to get that for the ride back.  The hikers where most of the passengers on the train this day.  Five cars for hikers and two for those doing the round trip.  You bring you pack into the car with you now and not load it on a baggage car.  We were on the car with the wheelchair lift so seat where taken out of half the car which made a good space to put the packs.  The White Pass Rail Road had lots of bottled water on board.  The conductor told us he had turned the heat on for us.  We opened the doors at both ends of the car to cool it down.
Where next?
Chilkoot Trail Log
Sunday, July 16, 2006