Day 2 Canyon City to Sheep Camp
The trail start off on a rocky trail. In no time the trail starts to climb through wonderful lush forest.  There weren’t any bears of big animals that we saw, but lots of little critters running back and forth.   We wondered how many bears saw us that we didn’t see.
It was raining a bit.  It became too hot to wear a rain coat and it was hardly raining.
It was cool enough when we stopped to put on a light fleece and a wind breaker.
After break the trail got a bit more rough but still nice.  About 1/2 mile before Sheep camp a new section of trail.  The trail used to cross the creek but now it stays on the same side until you arrive at Sheep Camp. The new trail was very freshly put in an a bit muddy.
There are two cooking/warming/drying shelters at Sheep Camp.  At 7 PM the ranger give you an update on the current trail conditions.  Ranger Dan had been up to the summit and back that day.
At Sheep camp we selected a tent platform, mostly dry and set up tent.  
You need to get up early at Sheep Camp.  We planned to leave at 5:30 AM so we went to bed shortly after the talk.  We had to eat diner, clean up and crawl into the tent
Chilkoot Trail Log
Thursday, July 13, 2006